About Us


I just said, “Yes!”

I’ve always loved to cook. My mother started teaching me when I was about eight years old. Both my dad and my grandmother taught me their favorites, too. My family is filled with talented cooks and I’ve reaped the rewards. Yum!

Then I met Michael and found the perfect sous-chef. He doesn’t have a lot of experience, but he chops, stirs, and helps me so much that I love having him in the kitchen with me.

Now, I can’t wait to get home from work. I change into my pajamas (yes, immediately, don’t judge!) and mix a drink. Then Mike and I head to the kitchen and create our meal together. We have so much fun cooking and catching up on our days together! It’s easily my favorite part of every day. When we sit down to eat something wonderful that we made together, it’s our happy ending to each day.

This blog is recipes I’ve learned from family, friends, or found online and adapted to my own preferences. I don’t like to measure and I never follow someone else’s recipe exactly. Feel free to modify anything you find here to suit your own tastes. Just don’t expect me to post on a regular basis. This is a fun hobby, not a job!

Hopefully, you’ll find something here you’re interested in trying. Then you can have your own happy ending, too. 😉


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